Thank You Donors | Klenengan 2014

Gamelan Kusuma Laras would like to thank the following for their contribution to the Klenengan 2014 fund. Thanks to their generous donations, we were able to share our music to NYC residents outdoors on the longest day of the year in 2014.

Miranda von Dornum
Ronald Kienhuis
Jan Berris
Tom Braden
Eduardo Padron
Sally Weinberg
Sara Tansari
Robin Davis
Marvin and Lynn Goldman
Susan Ngo
Nelson Harst
Valentina Camacho
Peggy Monastra
Iona Lutey
Aaron Sherwood
Benji Canning-Pereira
Mr Herschel G. Schlank and Ms Donna L.Schlank
And several anonymous donors.

Matur Nuwun!

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